Future of wildlife tourism in India—new roots in new places

If wildlife tourism wants to grow, it must spread its branches and shade new and original places

May 2020  |  Outlook Responsible Tourism

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Expanding Tiger Conservation

Is it possible to create conservation—based economies?

April 2020  |  Sanctuary Asia Magazine

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Stepping Stones to Tiger Security: The Need for Inclusive Conservation Model

Making a case for unlocking the true potential of India’s tiger conservation capacity in a manner that brings development to local communities and an increase in biodiversity

March 2020  |  Roundglass Sustain

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Talking Tigers with Dr Raghu Chundawat

“The Rise and Fall of the Emerald Tigers is both a poignant reflection on tiger research and a manual on how to carry out effective studies” Sharmila Vaidyanathan

October 2019  |  Nature In Focus

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Tourism’s Potential for Conservation

When well-managed, tourism, unlike most industries, can create a thriving economy that is not dependent on the one-time consumption of natural resources – one where the local communities can become active partners both in tourism and in nature conservation

December 2017  |  Sanctuary Asia Magazine

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Ken-Betwa link creating, not solving, water woes

The key for Bundelkhand’s drought issues lies not in mega projects that will take 7-10 years to complete

July 2017  |  Current Conservation

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Death Knell for Panna Tiger Reserve

The Ken-Betwa river link will jeopardise the Panna Tiger Reserve: a rare tiger conservation success story

January 2017  |  DNA India

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Salim Ali, you missed this one!

Observations on the striated heron on the Ken river

December 2014  |  Hornbill

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Illusion and Reality

The end of the year — a time for reflection and projection. We are in an age of facades, a PR century — where image supersedes facts, chimeras prevail over reality.

December 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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Small is still beautiful

Small farmers are the key to feeding a growing global population. Small farms are more efficient and … there is a strong inverse relationship between farm size and productivity.

November 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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The Bee all and End all

The speed of the changes we are bringing to the climate is increasing extreme weather patterns, but also the temperature differences are creating critical changes to insect life and to vegetation cycles.

October 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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Blowin’ in the Wind

How many deaths will it take before we learn how to live with floods?

September 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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Fat is not always fine

About half of all the produce and labour of the world’s farmers is thrown away or squandered. Isn’t it incredible that while a billion starve, we waste food enough for three billion?

August 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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Water for Life

Should we not worry when people like the CEO of Nestlé claim that we should regard water as “foodstuff” and give it an economic value?

July 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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The Missing Link

Is the river - linking project a simple idea that would solve all water security issues? Or is it another ‘mad project’? The Ken river in Bundelkhand would rather not find out

June 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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The Number Game

May 2014 ushered in a new era for India – the electoral change is likely to generate huge transformations. But we also entered a new era in April. This was the first time – for at least 800,000, maybe even 15 million years, … that the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our Earth’s atmosphere remained over 400 parts per million for a full month

May 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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Politics and the Way of the Tiger

In election season, our political parties seem to be side-stepping reality or are oblivious to the link between GDP and climate change

May 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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No Singing in this Rain

In what warped world can it make sense to give a loan for a Mercedes Benz car for half the interest of buying a working tool like a tractor?

April 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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Waste not Want not

The content of our garbage may have changed over the years but we have not

March 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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Message in a bottle

When we took the step from biologist and wildlife photographer to hoteliers, Raghu and I took with us our environmental ethic

February 2014  |  The Hindu Business Line BL Ink

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Conservation of a Different Stripe

In July, the Supreme Court passed an interim order banning all tourism in core/critical tiger habitats and on the table are some central government guidelines seeking to phase tourism out of critical tiger habitats (CTH) and from critical wildlife habitats (CWH).

September 2012  |  Business Standard

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Tourism Ban in Tiger Reserves – Some Points to Ponder

This ban is a wake-up call for all involved in conservation and in wildlife tourism to take larger strides in the effort to put their respective houses in order.

July 2012  |  Conservation India

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Trouble in Tigerland

Why do we get conservation so wrong?

2009  |  The Hindu - Survey of the Environment 2009

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Tiger on the Edge, Nature on the Brink

With so much attention, money, reports, committees and conservation focus, why is the tiger population still plummeting?

December 2008  |  Hindustan Times

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Change The Guard

The need of the hour is radical change in forest management. A new system that is dynamic and inclusive, not archaic and autocratic

February 2008  |  Tehelka

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Sariska: Version II

Panna’s was one of the best recoveries of a tiger population ever documented and it proves the resilience of the species, given some peace and protection

December 2007  |  Tehelka

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Hidden Tiger, Crouching Dragon

Government denial about figures is a major stumbling block for tiger conservation in this country

May 2007  |   Hindustan Times

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Manas Magic

A long-time Manas aficionado, the author revisits this Assamese World Heritage Site on the occasion of its centenary celebrations and returns with memories and hope for the future.

February 2006  |  Sanctuary Asia Magazine

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